December edition of Rainbow Auckland's newsletter
During the month happenings with Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Our Executive team have been busy. Danz from our team was invited to be on a panel at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for the ARA 2020 - Auckland Region Accounting Conference.
Paul Wells was a witty moderator and the discussion flowed with insightful and interesting questions focused on how and why accountants should be interested about diversity. Talking of challenges, misconceptions and concerns. Building understanding and with accountants, data and research that supports, facts and figures to potential opportunities.
Key points to come out?
  1. 1.
    Get involved as accountants you will find and be inspired to where growth and learning opportunities may come about, as a lot of Rainbow organizations and Pride festival entities are passionately volunteer lead & would love to have added to their teams, skilled and talented accountants.
  2. 2.
    Be respectful of a person’s right to be their authentic self and sticking to the job at hand, you might be amazed what diversity can and does add to enriching the mix of thought and fun factor!
  3. 3.
    Structure is good, yet life is organic. It’s not just about balance sheets, wellness is a balance to be taken in consideration too.
Special thank you to Sabrina Chong for a well organized conference and for ensuring diversity was part of the program, it was a pleasure to have Rainbow Auckland so warmly welcomed.
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